Does ActiveADAPTER support SSL connections to Active Directory?

ActiveADAPTER allows you to use SSL for Active Directory communications if your Active Directory infrastructure is configured to support it (refer to your Microsoft documentation on how to enable SSL).

To use SSL with ActiveADAPTER, you must specify a server or domain name in your WhereToBind or container value and add your SSL port (normally 636). For example, to target the domain via SSL on server testDC1 you might use:


It is also possible to use a domain name for serverless binding if your SSL configuration supports it. For example:


Important notes

Do not use “LDAPS” in your strings. This is a convention not used in Microsoft’s Active Directory implementation and may cause an exception.

Note that using SSL may increase load on your Active Directory infrastructure. Our recommendation is to only use SSL where a clear business case exists.

If SSL is critical to your Active Directory solution, always perform an audit of your Active Directory configuration and inspect network traffic to confirm encryption before production use.

Which properties of Active Directory objects can ActiveADAPTER modify?

Virtually all properties. ActiveADAPTER can update, add to, or clear all properties that are compatible with string, number and byte array data types. A number of special properties are also integrated - objectGUID and objectSid, for example. This covers virtually all the properties you can see using Active Directory Users and Computers.

If there are specific properties you wish to use that you are having trouble with, let us know!

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Can I use ActiveADAPTER components in multiple BizTalk applications?

Yes. Once installed, ActiveADAPTER Active Directory Send and Receive Adapters will be an available option for all Send Ports and Receive Locations.

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We are interested in purchasing ActiveADAPTER for use by government or government contractors. What are the export conditions for ActiveADAPTER?

ActiveADAPTER was originally developed by Equate IT, a company registered in Australia. All developers and consultants have Australian or US citizenship. More information can be found in the EULA displayed during installation of ActiveADAPTER.

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