My Solicit-Response Send Port Query Is Only Returning 1000 Results

Try adding the setting PageSize="1000" to your query parameters. For example:

<ActiveDirectoryQuery><Directives WhereToBind="LDAP://CN=Users, DC=test, DC=com" Filter="(objectCategory=user)" SearchScope="onelevel" PropertiesToReturn="cn" PageSize="1000"/></ActiveDirectoryQuery>

By default Active Directory only allows for a single page of 1000 results. By explicitly setting this value multiple pages (and hence all results) are returned.

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Can I use the ActiveADAPTER Send Adapter with dynamic send ports?

Yes. The Send Adapter is fully compatible with dynamic ports.

A sample orchestration showing the use of ActiveADAPTER with dynamic send ports is included in the ActiveADAPTER\Samples folder.

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Can ActiveADAPTER help me retrieve information from Active Directory?

Yes. The Active Directory Receive Adapter can be used to create a Receive Location that queries Active Directory at regular intervals and submit the results to your BizTalk application. A message can be submitted to BizTalk at every polling interval, or only when a change occurs in the query results (this is the "On Change Only" option on the Active Directory Receive Adapter property configuration).

In addition, the Active Directory Send Adapter can be used with a Solicit-Response Send Port to perform an on-demand query. You just send your query parameters to the send port in a message that conforms to the supplied schema, and receive your results back in a new message.

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