What is ActiveADAPTER?

ActiveADAPTER is a set of BizTalk adapters for working with Active Directory from BizTalk Server. We offer you:

  • A BizTalk Send Adapter that you can use to:
    • Create, move and delete Active Directory objects
    • Change object properties such as email addresses, office locations, home folder locations...
    • Set user passwords and add objects to security groups
  • A BizTalk Receive Adapter that you can use to query Active Directory and receive the results in an XML message into BizTalk Server
  • The input and output schemas for all ActiveADAPTER operations
  • Sample orchestrations and example XML input
  • Complete documentation

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Will the ActiveADAPTER Send Adapter return error information back to my orchestration?

Yes. The adapter will return any exceptions back to your application AFTER any retries you have configured have been done.

Within your orchestration you can use Scope shapes to catch exceptions. In your exception handlers you can retrieve the error description to determine which way to branch.

Sample orchestrations that illustrate exception handing are included in the ActiveADAPTER Samples folder.

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Can the Active Directory Receive Adapter help me build an orchestration that listens for changes to Active Directory?

Yes. The ON CHANGE ONLY option on the Active Directory Receive Adapter provides this feature. A message is submitted to your BizTalk application only when the results of the query you have specified change. This feature provides a great way to trigger orchestrations and keep information in your Enterprise Applications synchronized.

There is also a REAL-TIME mode that gets events from Active Directory asynchronously and submits them to BizTalk  as they happen.

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