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We monitor and contribute to the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters Forum, so if you have a development problem you are trying to solve with ActiveADAPTER please post to this forum and allow others to share your solutions.

If you think your issue has more to do with the functioning of ActiveADAPTER, contact us with a description of the issue you are having at:

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What version of the .NET framework does ActiveADAPTER require?

.NET framework 3.5SP1. If it is not installed it can be easily downloaded and installed from Microsoft at:

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Is the ability to create Solicit-Response ports that query Active Directory on demand part of the Receive Adapter or the Send Adapter?

Both. The query is sent out by the send adapter. The actual querying is done by components of the receive adapter. Therefore, to be licensed to create Solicit-Response send ports, you need to be licensed for both the ActiveADAPTER send and receive adapters.

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Can I use the ActiveADAPTER Send Adapter with dynamic send ports?

Yes. The Send Adapter is fully compatible with dynamic ports.

A sample orchestration showing the use of ActiveADAPTER with dynamic send ports is included in the ActiveADAPTER\Samples folder.

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