Our Story

ActiveADAPTER began life in the early years of Microsoft BizTalk Server and Active Directory when the Equate IT team was consulting to the Australian Federal government.

After advising on tender evaluations for ERP systems like PeopleSoft and SAP we noticed that a lot of tender responses were failing due to the weakness of their proposals for Active Directory integration. (In fact, many tenderers still fail to realize AD’s central importance to the customer.)

So we sat down and wrote the Equate Active Directory Application Integration Component (AIC) for BizTalk Server 2002. Our first customer came on board soon after, winning a tender with our unique little AD AIC in 2003.

With the release of BizTalk Server 2004, the “AIC” was redeveloped into a pair of “adapters” (cue Dr Evil finger quotes), which we continued to use as our secret weapon in our consulting work and with tender partners.

By 2009, enquiries for our Active Directory adapters had become so strong that we could no longer ignore the frequent encouragement to offer it to the community. We decided our baby deserved a life of its own, so we started ActiveADAPTER, a Microsoft BizSpark partner.

We used the resources and support the BizSpark program offered to refine our adapters and package them up professionally as best practice add-ons for BizTalk Server 2006R2, 2009 and 2010.

And things have gone on from there.

ActiveADAPTER customers now include the British Parliament and many of the world’s largest organisations (with some of the world’s largest Active Directory forests).

In April 2010, ActiveADAPTER was listed as a Microsoft Core BizTalk Adapter Partner. We have maintained our partnership with Microsoft throughout the two thousand “teens” and look forward to the 2020s.

Our Goal: To Be One Tenth

We’ve always known that offering enormous value is the key to success for a small ISV. To meet this aim we set a goal:

To deliver an Active Directory to BizTalk solution that is

LESS than one tenth the cost of a custom solution


Will take one-tenth the time to configure and maintain

So please download and play around with our evaluation and let us know if we’re on target. 🙂

Latest News

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ActiveADAPTER would like to thank the BizTalk community for the great event that was Integrate.

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ActiveADAPTER for BizTalk 2020 now released. Evaluate now!

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ActiveADAPTER for Azure AD!

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Uloba chooses ActiveADAPTER.

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Swedish Governmental Service Center chooses ActiveADAPTER.

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Royal Agricultural College uses ActiveADAPTER to automate management of its Active Directory Forest.
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