BTSTask gives me an error when exporting or importing bindings

BTSTask can sometimes throw an error relating to .NET versions when you attempt to export or import bindings for ActiveADAPTER send ports and receive locations. Try the following:

In your BTSTask.exe.config file (located in your Program Files BizTalk folder), add the following just under <configuration> tag:

<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">
 <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" />
I have purchased an ActiveADAPTER license. How do I swap out the evaluation version for the licensed version?

To uninstall your evaluation version and replace it with your licensed version follow this procedure:

1. Stop any BizTalk applications and host instances that use ActiveADAPTER

2. Close any instances of the BizTalk Admin Console

3. Uninstall ActiveADAPTER through Control Panel

4. Check that the %ProgramFiles%\ActiveADAPTER folder has beenĀ  completely removed

5. Install your licensed software

In most cases this shouldn't affect any receive location or send port settings you have created, but check your BizTalk applications after restarting them.

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What will ActiveADAPTER add to what I see in BizTalk Server?

After installing ActiveADAPTER you will see a new transport type option when configuring a send port or receive location. With BizTalk send ports, you can create, delete, rename, move, and modify Active Directory objects. With BizTalk receive locations, you can draw XML messages into BizTalk containing Active Directory query results.

On your Programs menu you will also have an ActiveADAPTER program group containing shortcuts to documentation, sample orchestrations and schemas to get you developing your solutions quickly.

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What version of the .NET framework does ActiveADAPTER require?

.NET framework 3.5SP1. If it is not installed it can be easily downloaded and installed from Microsoft at:

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