Duplicate messages in CHANGES ONLY query and compare mode

If you receive duplicate messages in CHANGES ONLY query and compare mode, the most likely cause is that the query interval you have set is too short for the scope of your query. To diagnose, increase your query interval significantly and see if the duplicates no longer occur.

If you absolutely require a short query interval you can rewrite your query to include fewer results (e.g. restricting only to user objects) and/or split your query across multiple receive locations that handle different subsets of results (e.g. cn filtered A-K on one receive location and L-Z on another).

What Can I Do With ActiveADAPTER?

Here is an example of one of dozens of high ROI BizTalk applications you can build with ActiveADAPTER.

Suppose Jane is a new hire in your organization.

At the end of the hiring process, HR notify IT operations of Jane's start date. A member of IT Operations (with no Active Directory knowledge) goes to your Service Desk system, raises a new ticket, and completes a simple form about Jane's role in your organisation.

From the information entered, the Service Desk system creates an xml file and submits it to BizTalk. BizTalk uses the information in the message and ActiveADAPTER to:

  • create Jane's Active Directory account
  • synchronize Jane's Active Directory telephone numbers, office location, and Manager's name from the information in HR system entered during the recruitment process
  • set a first-use password for Jane and specify that it must be changed on first logon
  • grant Jane access to the resources she will need by placing her in a number of security groups

On Jane's first day BizTalk uses ActiveADAPTER to enable Jane's account and emails the first-use password to her Manager at 8am.

On arrival, Jane is given her first-use password and logs on with access to everything she needs.

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Can I use the ActiveADAPTER Send Adapter with dynamic send ports?

Yes. The Send Adapter is fully compatible with dynamic ports.

A sample orchestration showing the use of ActiveADAPTER with dynamic send ports is included in the ActiveADAPTER\Samples folder.

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Do you supply the schemas I will need?

Absolutely. A link to them is installed to the Programs menu in the ActiveADAPTER\Schemas folder.

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